Nagasaki Mock Draft 2.0 (Post-NFL Draft)

With the NFL Draft now past, and the latest rookie class being selected by NFL teams, Nagasaki projects a first draft of the MFFL Draft for 2022.



Nagasaki Mock Rookie Draft 2.0

(Post-NFL Draft)



1.01 Wake Island Wookiees

RB – Breece Hall

Iowa State / 5’11’ 217lb – NEW YORK JETS

Landing spot is always a concern, however, the one clear prospect worthy of 1.01 consideration is Hall.   The Jets were in search of an RB1 to play NY style football, and drafting Michael Carter they knew he didn’t fit the mold.  This year the Jets selected a true 3 down capable back, worthy of 225+ carries in year one.   


NFL Comparison – Le’Veon Bell

Potential alternatives – 

RB Kenneth Walker III 


Mock 1.0 rank – 1.01



1.02 Wake Island Wookies 

WR – Drake London

USC / 6’4” 219lb – ATLANTA FALCONS

Having the first 2 picks of the draft, Wake will have several options.   The likely best option will be to grab the top RB and WR, whichever the order.   ‘London has (not) fallen’… actually, has risen from previous rankings and from mock draft 1.0.  Drake had an excellent landing spot for dynasty format.   There is a big question mark at QB for now, however, the long term future looks promising for London.   


NFL Comparison – Mike Evans

Potential alternatives –

RB Kenneth Walker III / WR Garrett Wilson


Mock 1.0 rank – 1.05



1.03 Russia Renegades

RB – Kenneth Walker III

Mich St / 5’9” 211lb – SEATTLE SEAHAWKS

Most likely the top RB and WR will be off the board.   Russia will have the choice of second best prospect at either position.   Sanders is playing out his final year of rookie contract, and the Renegades will most likely start a new era with a new face in their backfield.   WR could be a good option but with RB need, and the 2022 depth at receiver, I see RB or trade down for the Renegades.

Walker lands in a great spot, with a team that loooooves to pound the ball, who created a bigger question mark at QB, and is on a rebuild.  While Carson and Penny seemed primed to maintain their positions on the depth chart, injuries (and now age) become concern, especially for a rebuild.   Walker should be able to grind his way towards a starter and productive fantasy player, playing Seahawk style football.  He breaks tackles, has a nose for the endzone, and is off the charts for size-speed ratio.   What’s not to like?


NFL Comparison – J.K. Dobbins

Potential alternatives –

WR Garrett Wilson / Trade down


Mock 1.0 rank – 1.03


1.04 Munich Mandalorians

WR – Garrett Wilson

Ohio St / 6’0” 183lb – NEW YORK JETS


Through the Compensatory Draft, the Mandalorans grabbed some nice pieces to fill out their 2022 lineup after an all-in effort that fell short, late in the 2021 season, with several final year players.   Munich grabbed a dynasty top RB last year but is yet to see him take the field.  Adding a top WR this year with Comp pick Jaylen Waddle, will form a terrific duo.   Wilson will need to work on route running to better create level 1 and level 2 separation at the pro level, but is a master at beating his coverage deep.   He is on the smaller side but versatile and will make an impact in the NFL.

While landing spot is a small concern, the talent is unquestioned.   


NFL Comparison – DeSean Jackson

Potential alternatives –

WR Treylon Burks / WR Chris Olave 


Mock 1.0 rank – 1.04


1.05 Turkey Jerky

WR – Treylon Burks

Arkansas / 6’2” 225lb – TENNESSEE TITANS


Turkey moved aging RB Derrick Henry on his final year, for RB prospect D’Andre Swift and a one year contract WR Davante Adams, last year, and grabbed QB Joe Burrow and WR CeeDee Lamb in the Compensatory Draft, each having 2 years left in rookie contract, to go along with Swift’s contract.   Letting Adams walk to free agency this year, the Jerky will look for WR with this pick and grab some veterans at the auction.  Burks can still be in consideration for 1.02 (previous Mock rank) as the talent is not a question mark.   His NFL Comparison is that of the player he steps in to replace.   This gives a realistic assumption of targets available year 1.   AJ did just fine in fantasy with the low volume.   Burks could be a healthier version and appear in more games.


NFL Comparison – AJ Brown

Potential alternatives –

WR Chris Olave / WR Jameson Williams


Mock 1.0 rank – 1.02 



1.06 Russia Renegades

WR – Chris Olave

Ohio St / 6’0” 187lb – NEW ORLEANS SAINTS


Russia addressed the RB position earlier knowing the depth of WR in this class.   Olave is an excellent route runner, has great hands, and will make an NFL impact immediately for the right team.   The Renegades recovered WR Jefferson back in trade, and will look to deepen the position long-term.   


NFL Comparison – DeVonta Smith

Potential alternatives –

WR Jameson Williams / WR George Pickens


Mock 1.0 rank – 1.06



1.07 Russia Renegades

WR – Jameson Williams

Alabama / 6’1” 180lb – DETROIT LIONS


Originally Isaiah Spiller was in this spot but with landing spot, he moves down considerably.  Most of the mock 1.0 has been right on track with the exception of coin-toss for Burks and London, However this is the first kink in the chain which alters the upcoming picks.  Russia can double up on selections at 6 and 7 forcing the hand of Nagasaki and grabbing Williams originally slated to fall to the Kamikazes.  Jameson will likely remain in the corral to start, as he tore his ACL in the Title game a few months ago.  A 1 year breakout after transferring to Bama from Ohio St and sitting 3rd fiddle to both Wilson and Olave.  He creates separation well and turns on the jets and is hard to keep up with.   Broke Zeke Elliott’s hurdle record in NCAA.  


NFL Comparison – Will Fuller 

Potential alternatives –

WR George Pickens / Trade down


Mock 1.0 rank – 1.08



1.08 Nagasaki Kamikazes 

WR – George Pickens

Georgia / 6’3” 195lb – PITTSBURGH STEELERS


With Russia grabbing Williams one pick sooner, the Kamikazes make a calculated  hedge selection with Pickens.  The Kamikazes went all in on draft last season, grabbing WR Chase, TE Pitts, RBs Williams, Sermon, Mitchell, QB Lance, and several darts for the corral as placeholders for this year’s class.   With one year left on Johnson’s contract, and two years left on Claypool’s contract, Nagasaki can take a chance on Pickens’ ability and put him in the corral in a wait-and-see approach with the Steelers WR corps.   Pickens can run the entire route tree, but needs to work on running routes in a more crisp manner.   He is a tall lanky receiver who brings excitement with the ball in hand.   Tore his ACL earlier in the season so is ahead of the healing game, but will likely start in the corral.


NFL Comparison – Josh Reynolds

Potential alternatives –

Trade down


Mock 1.0 rank – 1.09



1.09 Russia Renegades

WR – Christian Watson

N Dakota St / 6’4” 208lb – GREEN BAY PACKERS


Continuing the chain reaction from mock 1.0, Williams goes one pick sooner to Russia, moving Pickens up one spot from Russia to Nagasaki, so with the 9th pick the Renegades take a shot on a rising Watson.   The ND state standout has moved up the ranks after an impressive showing at the combine, but lacks the competition experience having played for a small school, to measure how he will transition to the next level.   Watson has huge upside but potential to be a project transitioning to greater talent.   He moves up even further by landing in Green Bay.  Russia can afford the chance based on team depth, and likely start Watson in the corral.  


NFL Comparison – Dontrelle Inman 

Potential alternatives –

RB James Cook / RB Rachaad White / Trade


Mock 1.0 rank – 2.03



1.10 San Juan Scorpions

RB – Rachaad White

Arizona St / 6’0” 214lb – T.B. BUCCANEERS


San Juan traded back into the first round, receiving picks 10 and 11 (and others) for WR Justin Jefferson.  Depth and development is the approach as the Scorpions essentially have a complete team at the moment.   White is a PPR prospect who caught 43 balls for 456 yards while rushing for 1000 as well.   Landing in Tampa was a good fit for White, who will start with the opportunity to replace Ronald Jones in the 3rd down pass-catching role, and will be given every opportunity to push for a 3-down role in the future.   


NFL Comparison – Kenyan Drake

Potential alternatives –

RB Zamir White / WR Skyy Moore 


Mock 1.0 rank – 1.10



1.11 San Juan Scorpions 

WR – Skyy Moore

W. Michigan / 5’10” 195lb – KANSAS CITY CHIEFS


Originally, I had Dotson going to the Scorpions with this pick, and while that would still make for a good selection, San Juan is better off considering Moore who takes over the Tyreek Hill spot in KC, rather than doubling up on Washington receivers (having McLaurin) with Dotson landing with the Commanders.  Moore is a do-it-all receiver, possessing speed, quickness, route running ability, and lacks only prototypical size.   He hasn’t played against top level talent in college, so question marks form.   


NFL Comparison – Elijah Moore

Potential alternatives – 

RB James Cook / WR Jahan Dotson


Mock 1.0 rank – 2.02



1.12 Christmas Island Crabs

WR – Jahan Dotson

Penn St / 5’11” 178lb – WASH. COMMANDERS


Not one to shy away from the undersized receiver, the Crabs have Dotson fall to them.   Ranked higher in most drafts, Russia and Nagasaki will pass on Jahan based on height, and San Juan has McLaurin from Washington, thus he falls a few spots in round 1.   Dotson has the ability and talent to line up all over the field and can be a playmaker in the right NFL system.   Playing alongside McLaurin, Dotson will have opportunity to make plays with CB2 coverage.   


NFL Comparison – Tyler Lockett

Potential alternatives –

RB James Cook


Mock 1.0 rank – 1.11



Round 2


2.01 Wake Island Wookiees

Rb – James Cook

Georgia / 5’11” 199lb – BUFFALO BILLS


The first of a large stock jump, Cook was originally the 3.06 in my last mock draft.  Landing in Buffalo creates a huge opportunity for the baby brother to Dalvin.   James is a smaller runner who thrives more in PPR.  He will not beat you by pounding between the tackles, and more geared towards a change of pace or third down back.   His impressive catching skills gives the Bills different options.   Already rumored to play WR, Cook will have the opportunity to be the next Cordarrelle Patterson for fantasy, but with a team that moves the ball with much greater volume.  


NFL Comparison – Darrynton Evans

Potential alternatives –

WR David Bell / WR Alec Pierce


Mock 1.0 rank – 3.06



2.02 Wake Island Wookiees 

WR – David Bell

Purdue / 6’1” 212lb – CLEVELAND BROWNS


Bell was amongst the best in dominator rating, and target share.  He is a great possession receiver as he lacks YAC but will create separation and get open and accumulate targets and receptions.   Landing with the Browns brings some question marks, but his size and abilities make him an intriguing prospect.  With the number of picks the Wookiees have, he’s worth the risk.  


NFL Comparison – Rashod Bateman

Potential alternatives –

QB Kenny Pickett / WR John Metchie 


Mock 1.0 rank – 2.05



2.03 Turkey Jerky

WR – Alec Pierce

Cincinnati / 6’3” 211lb – INDIANAPOLIS COLTS


Another player making a huge jump after landing spot, Alec has a huge opportunity in Indianapolis.  Pierce was a mismatch as a deep-ball target at Cincinnati, but is more likely to be tabbed as a possession receiver with the ability to create some downfield trouble as a pro. He plays a physical brand of ball and has combat-catch toughness, which is important because he’s not an elusive route runner.  


NFL Comparison – Donovan Peoples-Jones

Potential alternatives –

WR John Metchie / QB Kenny Pickett


Mock 1.0 rank – 4.02



2.04 Wake Island Wookiees 

TE – Trey McBride

Colorado St / 6’4” 246lb – ARIZONA CARDINALS


Rounding out the balance of positions with their fifth selection, the Wookiees grab a tight end.   Hockenson and Jarwin are in their final year, while Hockenson will likely be extended or tagged in Wake Island, McBride is a former three sport athlete, and possesses size and agility to be a key fantasy TE.   Tight Ends take time to develop but based on what Zach Ertz’s usage showed immediately, there is huge upside potential for McBride in Arizona.  


NFL Comparison – Austin Hooper

Potential alternatives –

WR John Metchie / QB Kenny Pickett


Mock 1.0 rank – 2.04



2.05 Egypt Pharaohs 

WR – John Metchie

Alabama / 5’11” 187lb – HOUSTON TEXANS


Trading out of the first, Egypt landed a RB in return, and now selects 17th in this year’s draft.  WR is the area needing most attention and while the Pharaohs will end up with 8 or 9 receivers through the auction, a corral player starter like Metchie, coming off a torn ACL in December, is a small receiver that plays even smaller than listed.   He separates well but struggles in congestion and is not a physical player.   He will benefit most as a slot in a spread offense in PPR leagues. 


NFL Comparison – Eddie Royal 

Potential alternatives –

WR Wan’Dale Robinson / QB Malik Willis 


Mock 1.0 rank – 2.08



2.06 Christmas Island Crabs

RB – Isaiah Spiller

Texas A&M / 6’0” 217lb – L.A. CHARGERS


The Crabs traditionally go RB in round 1 and WR in round 2 and with the depth of the class I presumed we would see much the same.   However, with the landing spots for NFL rookie RBs, I don’t see an RB at 1.12 for CIC.  Having taken a receiver in round 1, this is a good spot for the Crabs to take a shot at Spiller.  Isaiah Spiller has been a Devy prospect since high school, but has slipped a little each year in college as the talent is all there, but his reaction timing keeps him from taking his game to the next level.   Landing with the Chargers does not bode well for immediate takeover of a starting RB, but the pedigree is all there, and Spiller will fight for opportunity.   Ekeler is in contract this year and next, and will be 29 the next season.   Rountree and Kelley are nice complement pieces but Spiller has the opportunity to be a future feature back.


NFL Comparison – Joe Mixon

Potential alternatives –

Start the QB run /  Trade down


Mock 1.0 rank – 1.07



2.07 Nagasaki Kamikazes

RB – Brian Robinson Jr

Alabama / 6’2” 225lb – WASH. COMMANDERS


Nagasaki went with a receiver in the first, and now grabs a RB.  Robinson was behind Josh Jacobs, Damien Harris and Jajee Harris as a Freshman, and then behind Najee Harris for two more seasons.  Problem is, he was there first and was pushed back by all the aforementioned.  Robinson showed potential when given the opportunity, and is a big body runner, best suited for short yardage, and change of tempo back.   A bit of reach for Robinson, but the Kamikazes draft for need here.   


NFL Comparison – Chris Carson 

Potential alternatives –

Start the QB run /  Trade down 


Mock 1.0 rank – 2.07



2.08 Munich Mandalorians 

QB – Kenny Pickett

Pitt / 6’3” 217lb – PITTSBURGH STEELERS


Munich will start the QB run here, as much like the NFL draft, QBs fell further than normal, and the MFFL draft will be no different.   This is a good point to see the run begin.  Pickett fell with great opportunity to a team with a stacked receiver room.   Pickett broke most of Marino’s records at Pitt, and has the ability to be a big time QB.  Surprisingly athletic, while having ‘happy feet’ and nerves in the pocket, if called to elude or left protected, Pickett has the ability and talent to produce.   


NFL Comparison – Andy Dalton 

Potential alternatives –

QB Malik Willis / QB Desmond Ridder


Mock 1.0 rank – 2.11



2.09 Bangkok Blitz

WR – Jalen Tolbert

S. Alabama / 6’1” 194lb – DALLAS COWBOYS


Selecting again in 2 picks, Bangkok can snag another position player and allow San Juan to choose the next QB before grabbing one for themselves.   Tolbert has large hands and incredible downfield speed and separation are a plus but a 5 year player from a small school playing against lesser talent is a cause for concern.   


NFL Comparison – Marvin Jones

Potential alternatives –

QB Malik Willis / QB Desmond Ridder


Mock 1.0 rank – 2.11



2.10 San Juan Scorpions 

QB – Malik Willis

Liberty / 6’0” 219lb – TENNESSEE TITANS


San Juan can take a chance on the big upside of Willis.  A backup to Jarrett Stidham, Willis sat out of football (transfer rules) for a season while transferring to Liberty.  The most versatile dual-threat QB in the draft, can sit and wait in the Scorpions corral.   With Allen’s contract extension through 2023, and Zach Wilson soon to be brought up from the corral, San Juan can restock the corral with another QB.


NFL Comparison – Tyrod Taylor

Potential alternatives –

QB Desmond Ridder / RB Dameon Pierce


Mock 1.0 rank – 2.01



2.11 Bangkok Blitz

QB – Desmond Ridder

Cincinnati / 6’3” 211lb – ATLANTA FALCONS


Picking 2 spots earlier, San Juan was given the opportunity to choose between Willis and Ridder.  Ridder has good size and speed, but favors the pocket, unless the legs are needed.   A poised passer, excellent with his check-downs and reads, but needs work on accuracy.   Desmond has a great opportunity in Atlanta with London and Pitts as two large targets.   


NFL Comparison – Ryan Tannehill 

Potential alternatives –

QB Matt Corral / QB Carson Strong


Mock 1.0 rank – 3.08



2.12 Russia Renegades (from Christmas Island Crabs)

RB – Dameon Pierce

Florida / 5’10” 218lb – HOUSTON TEXANS


Another RB that checks the boxes for PPR leagues, originally projected to San Juan two spots earlier until the QB run began, Russia lands a nice prospect to finish off the 2nd round.   Pierce has good size, is tough to bring down, has good hands and can play on any down.   Pierce might best suit as a 3rd down back at first and with the right opportunity he can become an any-down back.


NFL Comparison – DeeJay Dallas

Potential alternatives –

QB Matt Corral


Mock 1.0 rank – 2.10



Round 3


3.01 Russia Renegades

QB – Matt Corral

Mississippi / 6’1” 212lb – CAROLINA PANTHERS


Grabbing pick 24 in trade, the Renegades land back to back picks to flip round 2 to 3.   Regardless of order I see the Renegades grabbing Corral and Pierce.   On the smaller side, but Corral makes the throws.   Goes through progressions well and has great reads but sometimes forces preference over what the defense gives.   Comfortable in the pocket but often too much so, which results in a sack.  Would join a revolving corral in Russia.   Might he be the answer in Carolina?   Russia can afford to take that chance.  


NFL Comparison – Baker Mayfield

Potential alternatives –

TE Greg Dulcich 


Mock 1.0 rank – 3.01



3.02 Wake Island Wookiees 

WR – Wan’Dale Robinson

Kentucky / 5’8” 178lb – NEW YORK GIANTS


With newly created depth in the corral, Wake seeks best available in this position.   Robinson is small and will likely be limited to the slot.   Robinson will most likely be used in multiple ways if he lands on a team with a creative play caller.   Slot, sweep, wildcat, and backfield play is expected and will be warranted as Robinson played RB in high school.  That being said before the NFL draft, Robinson lands with Brian Dabol and Mike Kafka.   They will attempt to make the most out of Robinson’s abilities.  


NFL Comparison – Rondale Moore

Potential alternatives –

TE Greg Dulcich / RB Zamir White


Mock 1.0 rank – 2.09



3.03 Ecuador Ewoks 

TE – Greg Dulcich

UCLA / 6’4” 243lb – DENVER BRONCOS


Cole Kmet has 2 years left under contract, and the Ewoks picked up Brevin Jordan in trade, but Dulcich landed in an amazing position, and was given the opportunity to be what Fant was to be before being shipped off with draft picks for Russell Wilson.   Dulcich has hints of Dawson Knox, a former member of Ecuador, and will have 4 years under rookie contract to prove he can become that pass catching TE.


NFL Comparison – Dawson Knox

Potential alternatives –

RB Zamir White / WR Khalil Shakir


Mock 1.0 rank – NA



3.04 Christmas Island Crabs

RB – Zamir White

Georgia / 6’0” 215lb – LAS VEGAS RAIDERS


U Minnesota receivers and Georgia running backs, appear to be to the appeal of the Crabs.   Swift was moved a couple years ago, and now with Akers and perhaps Collins, Bateman, or a few other options in the corral nearing a move up, the Crabs will begin to load up the corral again.  White has been a Devy prospect dating back to high school and has moved down the ranks due to injuries not talent.   A big back, but off the charts in speed and burst.  Originally projected to CIC in the first round, White has fallen down the ranks because of landing spot.   The landing spot is a blessing for the Crabs, as White will be in the cloudy Raider mix of RBs, and CIC just landed Jacobs this off-season.   Jacobs is in his final year of rookie contract with CIC and hedging bet by grabbing White for the corral, this pick has CIC all over it… 16 picks later.  


NFL Comparison – Marshawn Lynch 

Potential alternatives –

RB Tyler Allgeier / WR Tyquan Thornton


Mock 1.0 rank – 1.12



3.05 Nagasaki Kamikazes

RB – Tyler Allgeier

BYU / 5’11” 224lb – ATLANTA FALCONS


Nagasaki took a chance on Falcon RB Javian Hawkins, who didn’t last long in Atlanta.   The Kamikazes take another chance on Falcon’s 5th round pick in Allgeier.   Well-built, highly productive zone-scheme runner with impressive vision and feel for the job. Allgeier is smooth and instinctive with one-cut talent. He effectively navigates the ebbs and flows of run lane development. He’s more agile than twitchy and relies on his ability to quickly process. 


NFL Comparison – Chuba Hubbard

Potential alternatives –

RB Hassan Haskins / QB Carson Strong


Mock 1.0 rank – 3.10



3.06 San Juan Scorpions 

WR – Khalil Shakir

Boise St / 6’0” 196lb – BUFFALO BILLS


An excellent Scorpion prospect who can spend some time in the corral, Shakir would be insurance for the roster’ed Bills, Diggs and Davis.   Shakir puts an emphatic stamp on games. He’s more football player than prototypical slot receiver and needs to prove he can handle an increase in contested catches. He can be activated from a variety of alignments with the vision, wiggle and toughness to move the chains once the ball is in his hands. He finds a way to frequently show up on the notepad when watching tape and his will to outperform the guy across from him should not be overlooked. Shakir should become a valuable piece for a creative play-caller.


NFL Comparison – Antwaan Randle El

Potential alternatives –

WR Tyquan Thornton / TE Jelani Woods


Mock 1.0 rank – 4.01



3.07 Turkey Jerky

WR – Tyquan Thornton

Baylor / 6’2” 181lb – N.E. PATRIOTS


There is a lot to like about Thornton’s game, including his instincts, long speed and ability to create separation on the move. He’s a vertical threat with the speed and poise to win deep and has an excellent feel for maintaining spacing when working against zone coverage. 


NFL Comparison – Tiquan Underwood

Potential alternatives –

WR Romeo Doubs / WR Bo Melton


Mock 1.0 rank – 4.03



3.08 Turkey Jerky

TE – Jelani Woods

Virginia / 6’7” 253lb – INDIANAPOLIS COLTS


Yeah… 6 foot 7, and 253 pounds….   To play alongside Mo Alie-Cox who is 6’7, 260lb.  Alie-Cox is under contract through 2023 with the Colts, but TE’s do take time to develop and they drafted a clone in Woods.   


NFL Comparison – Mo Alie-Cox 

Potential alternatives –

TE Jeremy Ruckert / TE Isaiah Likely


Mock 1.0 rank – NA



3.09 Bangkok Blitz

RB – Pierre Strong Jr

S. Dakota St / 5’11” 207lb – N.E. PATRIOTS


A fan of RB depth, the Blitz take a chance on New England’s newest member to the ever-muddied RB room.   A small school prospect who played bigger than expected, stood out on pro day with great measurables.   He’s worth a shot for a corral stash as we all know the capability the Patriots find at RB, but never know when they will have their shot and for how long.  


NFL Comparison – Darren McFadden

Potential alternatives –

RB Hassan Haskins / RB Jerome Ford


Mock 1.0 rank – NA



3.10 San Juan Scorpions 

RB – Hassan Haskins

Michigan / 6’1” 228lb – TENNESSEE TITANS


San Juan saw Haskin’s NFL Comp (Dillon) as a rookie and made a great stash for the corral.   Dillon should be roster’ed soon and Haskins would take his corral spot.   Haskins is a big runner who is much more workmanlike than dynamic with the ball in his hands. In his lone season as a lead back, Haskins’ downhill, physical style was well-paired with the “cloud of dust” rushing philosophy for Michigan.   Haskins replaces Darrynton Evans in Tennessee after Chicago scooped up the Titans’ 2020 3rd round player, upon release.    Evans was also drafted by San Juan.   


NFL Comparison – A.J. Dillon 

Potential alternatives –

RB Jerome Ford / RB Abram Smith


Mock 1.0 rank – 3.11



3.11 Nagasaki Kamikazes

RB – Tyrion Davis-Price

LSU / 6’0” 211lb – SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS


Trying to keep up with the bet hedging, Nagasaki looks to take Davis-Price as the 49ers draft another RB and muddy up the RB room.    Having taken both rookies last year in Sermon and Mitchell, the Kamikazes add another San Fran RB to the corral.   


NFL Comparison – Javorius Allen 

Potential alternatives –

RB Jerome Ford / RB Jerrion Ealy


Mock 1.0 rank – NA



3.12 San Juan Scorpions

RB – Jerome Ford

Cincinnati / 5’10” 210lb  – CLEVELAND BROWNS


Cleveland has shown that their depth at RB will be given opportunities and San Juan can stash that opportunity in the corral with Jerome Ford.   A high school WR, went to Alabama as a running back, but sat behind major talent and eventually transferred to Cincinnati.   Has ideal size and speed, but does lack vision and benefits more from a strong line rather than creative ability.  


NFL Comparison – La’Mical Perine 

Potential alternatives –

QB Sam Howell / RB Tyler Badie


Mock 1.0 rank – 3.02



Round 4


4.01 Egypt Pharaohs 

WR – Calvin Austin III

Memphis / 5’7” 178lb – PITTSBURGH STEELERS


Austin wont win the 50/50 balls, but he doesn’t need to, with olympic speed.  He will be a contribution on special teams so draft positioning will move him up the board.   With the right team, he will be used as a modern day gadget player, having experience all over the field in college.   Landing in Pittsburgh, he complements the various frames and games the other Steeler WRs have, in Johnson, Claypool, and Pickens.  


NFL Comparison – Isaiah McKenzie

Potential alternatives –

RB Tyler Badie / WR Velus Jones Jr


Mock 1.0 rank – 3.07



4.02 Wake Island Wookiees 

QB – Sam Howell

UNC / 6’0” 218lb – WASH. COMMANDERS


Wake was originally slated to grab a QB to start off the 2nd round, but better opportunities presented themselves and thus the Wookiees missed the QB run.   Howell is a shorter QB, with a big arm, Howell can make the throws, but pats the ball, tends to loft deep throws, and finds trouble with telegraphing.   He has elusiveness and can be a dual-threat, which can buy time and keep defenses honest.  


NFL Comparison – Chase Daniel

Potential alternatives –

TE Jalen Wydermyer / RB Kyren Williams


Mock 1.0 rank – 3.03



4.03 Nagasaki Kamikazes

WR – Erik Ezukanma

Texas Tech / 6’2” 209lb – MIAMI DOLPHINS


Buried in the depth chart, Ezukanma brings swiss army skills while being a big body receiver.    Worth a shot to see if he can earn a roster spot and playing time, Ezukanma fits in the dual threat category with AJ Brown, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Deebo Samuel.   Those are big shoes to fill by name but the mere similarities gives Ezukanma opportunity.   


NFL Comparison – Cordarrelle Patterson 

Potential alternatives –

RB Tyler Badie / WR Romeo Doubs 


Mock 1.0 rank – NA



4.04 Turkey Jerky 

RB – Tyler Badie

Missouri / 5’8” 197lb – BALTIMORE RAVENS


Undersized, change-of-pace back with a big heart and pass-catching talent. Despite a lack of desired size, Badie took on a monster workload and produced at a high level. He played in a run scheme heavily tilted to outside zone and is at his best in space, although he’s natural and confident in tight run lanes. 


NFL Comparison – Kenneth Gainwell 

Potential alternatives –

RB Tyler Allgeier / RB Hassan Haskins


Mock 1.0 rank – 3.09



4.05 Nagasaki Kamikazes 

TE – Jeremy Ruckert

Ohio State / 6’5” 252lb – NEW YORK JETS


Muscular move tight end on the collegiate level who should be able to find a home as an in-line worker. Ruckert should test well creating a favorable height-weight-speed profile that could push him up draft boards. 


NFL Comparison – Dalton Schultz

Potential alternatives –

WR Romeo Doubs / TE Isaiah Likely


Mock 1.0 rank – 4.09



4.06 Ecuador Ewoks 

WR – Velus Jones Jr

Tennessee / 5’11” 204lb – CHICAGO BEARS


A homer selection, worked well with Kmet and Herbert in past drafts.   Bound for the corral, the Ewoks take a chance on Jones Jr as the Bears are in need of some help at WR and Jones Jr is a gadget player that will see more special teams work, but have opportunity to earn time as a wide receiver.


NFL Comparison – Deebo Samuel

Potential alternatives –

RB Master Teague / WR Kevin Austin


Mock 1.0 rank – NA



4.07 Turkey Jerky 

WR – Romeo Doubs

Nevada / 6’2” 201lb – GREEN BAY PACKERS


Another homer selection, the Jerky select Packers WR Doubs, who is a special athlete. He’s one of the twitchiest players in this class — bar none — with great downfield explosiveness, stacking ability, and body control. With his twitch and fast feet, he has the potential to be an elite route runner and an elite run-after-catch threat.  Doubs will offer complementary skills to fellow rookie Christian Watson.   With the departure of Adams, the Packers will be looking for players to step up and Doubs will have every opportunity to compete for playing time.


NFL Comparison – Tyler Johnson

Potential alternatives –

WR Bo Melton / Velus Jones Jr


Mock 1.0 rank – 4.10



4.08 Munich Mandalorians 

RB – Ty Chandler



He’s a smooth strider who can become a little disjointed when processing and attacking the blocking scheme. Chandler needs to turn up the play speed in the early stages to attack the fleeting run lanes he will see in the pros.   Munich inherited Alexander Mattison in the Compensatory Draft and Chandler looks to offer similar traits if and when Mattison moves on from the Vikings.


NFL Comparison – C.J. Procise 

Potential alternatives –

RB Master Teague / RB Tyler Goodson


Mock 1.0 rank – 4.07



4.09 Bangkok Blitz

RB – Master Teague

RB Ohio State / 5’11” 221lb – CHICAGO BEARS


A former 4 star athlete, 11th RB out of High School, Teague never reached his potential.   Undrafted, he was signed shortly after by the Chicago Bears.   He has the skills to become a legit NFL RB, but is merely in the mix for a backup role if even the chance at a roster spot.   Worth a shot late in the 4th round.  


NFL Comparison – Ryquell Armstead

Potential alternatives –

RB Tyler Goodson / WR Kevin Austin


Mock 1.0 rank – NA



4.10 San Juan Scorpions

RB – Tyler Goodson

Iowa / 5’9” 197lb – GREEN BAY PACKERS


Undrafted, Goodson was signed post-draft by the Packers.   A productive runner at Iowa, Goodson is an under the radar RB much like Aaron Jones was years back.   Similarly, he shares many traits as his new teammate and will be given a chance at rotational work to start.   San Juan will be moving Dillon up to roster sooner than later, and adding Goodson as a wait-and-see prospect would make sense. 


NFL Comparison – Aaron Jones

Potential alternatives –

RB Jerrion Ealy / RB Isaiah Pacheco


Mock 1.0 rank – NA



4.11 Wake Island Wookiees 

WR – Kevin Austin

Notre Dame / 6’2” 200lb – JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS


Undrafted, Jacksonville scooped up Kevin Austin Jr. who enters the NFL as a developmental receiver who may be considered something of a diamond in the rough. Austin Jr’s progression as a college pass catcher has been derailed by unavailability — he was suspended for 2019 on account of a violation of team rules and suffered two separate foot injuries in 2020 that cost him nearly two full seasons of play before a big breakout season for the Irish in 2021. Austin Jr. enjoyed a strong NFL Combine and offers the kind of obvious physical tools that once made him a 4-star recruit.


NFL Comparison – Donovan Peoples-Jones

Potential alternatives –

WR Charleston Rambo / WR Bo Melton


Mock 1.0 rank – NA



4.12 Christmas Island Crabs

RB – Max Borghi

Wash. St / 5’9” 210lb – INDIANAPOLIS COLTS


Mr Irrelevant…..  Once a devy ranking as possibly the next CMC, Borghi has disappointed the past two seasons.   Borghi’s stat line has been solid in all three seasons he was healthy and he offers rushing and receiving versatility out of the backfield. However, he’s a linear runner lacking short-area wiggle and he is much more brake-oriented than gas-oriented when it comes time to hit it between the tackles. CIC takes a shot at pick 48.  Borghi has the skills to be a nightmare to cover but declined over the past 2 seasons in college.   Indy looks to give him an opportunity to compete with Hines with a similar skill set and for a similar role.   Hines was extended for 3 years but has an out clause in 2023.  


NFL Comparison – Danny Woodhead

Potential alternatives AND other considerations to watch during the training camps:



Carson Strong – Philadelphia Eagles

(NFL Comp – Trevor Siemian)

A successful college career but undrafted FA claimed by the Eagles, with uncertainty for a backup in Philly.


Brock Purdy – San Francisco 49ers

(NFL Comp – Matt Barkley)

Mr Irrelevant in the NFL, San Fran has uncertainty with the future of Garoppolo, and Trey Lance to prove his draft position.   


Running Back


Jerrion Ealy / Isaiah Pacheco – K.C. Chiefs

(NFL Comp – Kenyan Drake)

Two Undrafted FAs signed by the Chiefs, fit the system as small bodied RBs with skill sets that could pan out if given the opportunity.


Abram Smith – New Orleans Saints

(NFL Comp – Knile Davis)

Undrafted FA claimed by the Saints; you never know in New Orleans and Smith has a knack for the position from two perspectives as he went from RB to LB back to RB in college.   


Kevin Harris – New England Patriots

(NFL Comp – James Robinson)

Second of Patriot RBs drafted, Harris had a huge dominator rating in college but gets added to the depth of RBs in New England.


Kennedy Brooks – Philadelphia Eagles

(NFL Comp – Mike Davis)

Undrafted FA Brooks was a 4 star RB ranked 16th out of High School, but college proved he would make a good goal line and short yardage back at best.


Kyren Williams – Los Angeles Rams

(NFL Comp – Dion Lewis)

Under-sized 3rd down back, selected by the Rams in the 5th round.   


Snoop Conner – Jacksonville Jaguars

(NFL Comp – Damien Harris)

Late round selection by the Jags, Snoop will be given the opportunity with ETN and Robinson having injury concerns.   


Wide Receiver


Charleston Rambo – Carolina Panthers

(NFL Comp – Devin Duvernay)

Undrafted FA, signed by Carolina, Rambo is less than average physically, ironically, but will beat you with speed and agility.   


Justyn Ross – UNDRAFTED

(NFL Comp – Mike Williams)

Ross had over 2000 yards and 20+ TDs in his college career, and what is shocking is that only 9 of 28 WRs drafted can say they did too.   The concern is that Ross will never be the same player after spinal surgery, and every team passed through 7 rounds.   A team may take a chance on him and he could surprise.   


Bo Melton – Seattle Seahawks

(NFL Comp – Phillip Dorsett)

Viewed as an average sized, average skilled prospect, it wasn’t a surprise that Melton went undrafted but Seattle signed Bo, post-draft, and he could earn a roster spot on a rebuilding team.


Kyle Philips – Tennessee Titans

(NFL Comp – Sterling Shepard)

Signed post-draft, Tennessee looking for receiver depth in the post-AJ era, however Philips appears to be more of a special teams player than a WR.


Tight End


Jalen Wydermyer – Buffalo Bills

(NFL Comp – OJ Howard)

Undrafted, the Bills added talented depth at TE.   An SEC monster TE and former 4 star recruit, he will need to fight for playing time.


Daniel Bellinger – New York Giants

(NFL Comp – Foster Moreau)

Checks all the boxes as a fantasy TE, but starts with the Giants buried in depth.   A good stash and see, as TEs typically take time anyways.  


Cade Otton – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

(NFL Comp – Garrett Celek)

Backup roll for the drafted TE in Tampa, makes for a decent stash for the corral.  Otton has all the ability, seeking opportunity.


Isaiah Likely – Baltimore Ravens

(NFL Comp – Travis Kelce)

Once considered a possible sleeper, he landed on a team with one of the best TEs in Mark Andrews, while Baltimore also drafted Charlie Kolar.