Tuesday Evening Kicker: 2021 Conference Championship Recap

Christmas Island’s fairy tale season continues after taking down yet another powerhouse and preseason favorite in Bangkok to advance to the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, in the Northwest Conference, Ukraine put an end to San Juan’s 13-game win streak with a commanding victory.

WR Tee Higgins blew up for 52.65 points in Christmas Island's win.
WR Tee Higgins blew up for 52.65 points in Christmas Island’s win.

Down goes another one: Crabs knock out Blitz with fourth-straight victory

Christmas Island Crabs 179.7, Bangkok Blitz 133.08 — The wild ride for the Crabs just keeps going as they ousted one of the league’s favorites at the outset of the season. Tee Higgins powered the offense with 52.65 points. Mark Andrews had yet another solid outing with 32.5 points. Justin Herbert notched 22.25 while Michael Pittman added 22.2. The Blitz endured a bitter turn of irony. The league’s highest-paid player, Tyreek Hill, whom Bangkok acquired on Auction Day from Christmas Island, put up a dud with just 5.4 points. Another cruel reality was the loss of Austin Ekeler’s and Darren Waller’s production. The injured tight end was replaced by Ricky Seals-Jones’ 0.85 points. Finally, as was the case all year, lineup difficulties due to a strong depth chart cost the Blitz. Aaron Rodgers’ 24.83 points and Tyler Lockett’s 8 paled in comparison to the 51.9 points put up by Dak Prescott and Antonio Gibson. Next Week: The Crabs will face the Grainers in a rematch of the 2019 Super Bowl.

RB Joe Mixon tallied 35.1 points in helping lead Ukraine to victory.
RB Joe Mixon tallied 35.1 points in helping lead Ukraine to victory.

Grainers grind Scorpions’ win streak to a halt

Ukraine Grainers 222.68, San Juan Scorpions 175.62 — The Scorpions will not be back-to-back champions after succumbing to a powerful outing from the Grainers. Who says you need your cornerstone piece to win? The Grainers are without Christian McCaffrey for the second straight season but they came prepared with strong depth. The team went out and acquired Joe Mixon prior to the trade deadline and Mixon put up 35.1 points to help lead the big victory. Deebo Samuel, another trade deadline acquisition, finished with 34.35 points. Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys defense, a recent free agent addition, scored 30.4. Rookie Jaylen Waddle added 31.2 points and Chase Edmonds finished with 29.9. For the Scorpions, Josh Allen put up 38.77 points in the loss. Nick Chubb added 30.8, Stefon Diggs finished with 26.75, Justin Jefferson tallied 24.6 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers notched 21.05. Next Week: Ukraine will look for redemption against Christmas Island in a rematch of the 2019 Super Bowl.