Tuesday Evening Kicker: 2021 Week 11 Recap

And you thought last week was lopsided. No games were closer than 36 points in Week 11’s action. Turkey and Jamaica picked up upset victories, San Juan and Ukraine won big against Northwest Conference wild card hopefuls, the Pharaohs won an ugly battle against the floundering Wookiees, and the Blitz pounded the rebuilding Crabs by 108 points.

WR Davante Adams scored 36 points to lead Turkey to victory.
WR Davante Adams scored 36 points to lead Turkey to victory.

Jerky staying alive in the Southeast with victory over Nagasaki

Turkey Jerky 162.8, Nagasaki Kamikazes 123.32 — Following a big victory over Nagasaki, Turkey is starting to pull away in the hunt for a wild card spot with three other Southeast Conference opponents struggling to find points. Playing without a quarterback, the Jerky relied on 36 points from Davante Adams, 25.4 from D’Andre Swift and 25.1 from James Conner to help lead the way. The Kamikazes got 29.1 points from Darnell Mooney, 22.5 from Travis Kelce, and 16.4 from JaMarr Chase in the loss. Next Week: Turkey will look to put a nail in the tomb of the Pharaohs. Nagasaki tries to rebound against the surging Blitz.

QB Cam Newton tallied 32.15 points in Jamaica's victory.
QB Cam Newton tallied 32.15 points in Jamaica’s victory.

Jerks knock off Squirrels; Switzerland drops third straight

Jamaica Jerks 163.1, Switzerland Squirrels 126.63 — Jamaica is staying alive in the hunt for a Northwest Conference wild card with a strong victory over the Squirrels, who have now lost three straight as well as four in the last five games. Cam Newton scored 32.15 points to lead Jamaica in the win. Dalvin Cook added 26.9 points, Keenan Allen tacked on 26.95, and Mike Evans finished with 25.75. For the Squirrels, Adam Thielen led the way with 27.2 points. Tom Brady added 24.93 points and Adam Trautman finished with 20.8. Next Week: Jamaica tries to push for the postseason when they face Russia. Switzerland will look to break their losing streak against Ukraine.

QB Jalen Hurts put up 36.65 points in Ukraine's big win.
QB Jalen Hurts put up 36.65 points in Ukraine’s big win.

Grainers kick around the Ewoks

Ukraine Grainers 193, Ecuador Ewoks 137.37 — Ukraine continued to make a push for the North Division crown with a crushing victory over Ecuador. Ukraine got big performances from Jalen Hurts (36.65), Joe Mixon (30.3), Jaylen Waddle (25.05), and Chris Godwin (22.9). Deebo Samuel added 19. The Ewoks got 22.05 points from the Chicago Bears and 20.7 from kicker Jake Elliott. Jimmy Garoppolo finished with 18.87 points. Next Week: Ukraine will try to unseat the Squirrels in the North Division. Ecuador faces a tough San Juan squad.

WR Justin Jefferson racked up 43.4 points in San Juan's victory.
WR Justin Jefferson racked up 43.4 points in San Juan’s victory.

Scorpions beat Renegades, soar to 10th victory of the season

San Juan Scorpions 174.87, Russia Renegades 120.52 — San Juan rolled to its 10th victory of the season in a big win over the Renegades. Justin Jefferson scored 43.4 points against his former team in the victory. Nick Chubb added 26.8 points, Terry McLaurin finished with 25.05, Stefon Diggs tacked on 21.3 and Josh Allen recorded 20.42. For the Renegades, Clyde Edwards-Helaire was welcomed back with 18 points. Ryan Tannehill scored 16.22, A.J. Green added 15.55, and Pat Freiermuth tallied 13.85. Next Week: San Juan looks for victory number 11 when they face Ecuador. Russia tries to rebound against Jamaica.

RB Jonathan Taylor blew up for 59.8 points in Bangkok's win.
RB Jonathan Taylor blew up for 59.8 points in Bangkok’s win.

Blitz blow up scoreboard against Crabs

Bangkok Blitz 234.9, Christmas Island Crabs 125.98 — Bangkok this week scored the second-most points in an MFFL game this season, just 8 points behind a mark they set earlier in the year, in a resounding victory over Christmas Island. If you were told Dak Prescott only scored 7.2 points, would you still believe the Blitz totaled 234? Jonathan Taylor blew up for 59.8 points, Austin Ekeler pounded out 43.7, Tyreek Hill pitched in 25.95, Darren Waller put up 22.6, D.J. Moore scored 19.75 and Najee Harris added 19.3. For the Crabs, Justin Herbert had a huge week with 41.03 points. Rondale Moore tallied 20.35 points and Mark Andrews added 20.3. Next Week: Bangkok will try to keep things rolling when they face Nagasaki. Christmas Island faces a wounded, weakened Wookiees team.

The Kansas City Chiefs defense scored 20.15 points to lead Egypt to victory.
The Kansas City Chiefs defense scored 20.15 points to lead Egypt to victory.

Pharaohs slink past the Wookiees

Egypt Pharaohs 128.77, Wake Island Wookiees 88.1 — In one of the lowest-scoring games of the season, the rebuilding Pharaohs toppled the wobbling Wookiees by 40 points. The Kansas City Chiefs scored 20.15 points to lead the way. Jamison Crowder tallied 19.65 points, Mark Ingram finished with 17.5, and Anthony Firkser added 15.35. For the 7-player Wookiee team, Myles Gaskin scored 23.2 points, James Robinson added 14.2 and T.J. Hockenson finished with 14.1. Next Week: The Pharaohs will try to get back to losing for better draft stock when they take on Turkey. The Wookiees will attempt to field a winning team against Christmas Island.