Tuesday Evening Kicker: 2021 Week 10 Recap

Blowouts! Blowouts! Blowouts! Everything must go! (Or is that closeouts?) Whatever the case, there were several lopsided contests in Week 10, as 5 games were decided by about 25 or more points, and 4 games were decided by more than 50 points. The only close game was a Northwest Conference battle that came down to the fourth quarter.

QB Ryan Tannehill scored 22.95 points to lead Russia to a victory.
QB Ryan Tannehill scored 22.95 points to lead Russia to a victory.

Fourth quarter stand sends Renegades past Ewoks

Russia Renegades 121.6, Ecuador Ewoks 118.36 — In what likely was a battle between two teams vying for the final playoff spot in the Northwest Conference playoff picture, the Renegades held former players Lamar Jackson and Mike Gesicki in check and made a fourth quarter stand to secure a victory over Ecuador. Ryan Tannehill scored 22.95 points against his former team. The Indianapolis Colts scored 18.25, Dan Arnold snagged 16.45 and Jamal Agnew tallied 15.75. For the Ewoks, DeVonta Smith scored 26.1 points to lead the way in the loss. Ezekiel Elliott scored 22.78 and Lamar Jackson added 22.13. Next Week: Russia faces a tough battle against San Juan. Ecuador tries to get it rolling again versus Ukraine.

TE Travis Kelce tallied 25.9 points in Nagasaki's win.
TE Travis Kelce tallied 25.9 points in Nagasaki’s win.

Kamikazes burn the Pharaohs

Nagasaki Kamikazes 150.15, Egypt Pharaohs 125.58 — The Kamikazes survived without a few of their best players in a 25-point victory over the rebuilding Pharaohs. Travis Kelce led the way with 25.9 points. Derek Carr tallied 23.35 points, Diontae Johnson pitched in with 17.55, and the Pittsburgh Steelers added 17.3. For the Pharaohs, Patrick Mahomes put up 42.28 points in the loss. Mark Ingram added 23.6 points while Jakobi Meyers finished with 17.9. Next Week: Nagasaki takes on Turkey. Egypt will face Wake Island in a potential battle for draft position.

WR Deebo Samuel blew up for 34.55 points in Ukraine's victory.
WR Deebo Samuel blew up for 34.55 points in Ukraine’s victory.

Grainers bully the Jerks

Ukraine Grainers 190.72, Jamaica Jerks 130.8 — Even without two of their top running backs, the Grainers lit up the scoreboard behind a pair of stellar performances from Deebo Samuel and CeeDee Lamb. Samuel scored 34.55 points and Lamb added 33.05 in the victory. Christian McCaffrey finished with 28.7 and the New England Patriots pitched in 16.55. Dalvin Cook led the way for the Jerks in the loss with 25.6 points. Keenan Allen scored 23.05, Michael Carter tallied 21.4 and Hunter Renfrow finished with 21.35. Next Week: Ukraine will do battle with Ecuador. Jamaica tries to rebound against Switzerland.

WR Stefon Diggs racked up 36.45 points in San Juan's win.
WR Stefon Diggs racked up 36.45 points in San Juan’s win.

This is our conference: Scorpions pound Squirrels, move closer to securing top seed

San Juan Scorpions 201.5, Switzerland Squirrels 134.83 — In a battle between the North and West Division leaders, the defending champion Scorpions rolled over the Squirrels in a battle that could help determine the No. 1 seed in the Northwest Conference playoffs. Stefon Diggs (36.45), Darrel Williams (31.6), Justin Jefferson (29.35), D’Ernest Johnson (26.5), and Josh Allen (24.15) all had huge performances for the Scorpions. Cooper Kupp led the way for the Squirrels with 28.95 points. Tom Brady added 17.48 points while Christian Kirk finished with 16.3. Next Week: San Juan will take on Russia. Switzerland looks to bounce back against Jamaica.

WR Tyreek Hill tallied 32.7 points in Bangkok's victory.
WR Tyreek Hill tallied 32.7 points in Bangkok’s victory.

Blitz obliterate the Wookiees

Bangkok Blitz 177.87, Wake Island Wookiees 53.8 — We’ve seen teams double their opponents’ scoring before, but this could be a first. The Blitz tripled Wake Island’s offense in an absolute bloodbath. The Wookiees had two players out, a whopping six players score in single digits, and nobody top 15 points — an impressive feat, to say the least. Tyreek Hill (32.7) and Dak Prescott (30.77) were the big scorers in this one. Jonathan Taylor also added 28.8 points while Najee Harris finished with 22.5. For the Wookiees, Matthew Stafford scored 14.9 points and the Denver Broncos finished with 12.35. Next Week: Bangkok will try to keep rolling against Christmas Island. Wake Island looks to play better against Egypt.

RB D'Andre Swift put up 23.1 points in Turkey's victory.
RB D’Andre Swift put up 23.1 points in Turkey’s victory.

Jerky jam the Crabs

Turkey Jerky 149.18, Christmas Island Crabs 95.1 — With eight players on bye or injured, the rebuilding Crabs took their lumps from a balanced Jerky lineup. D’Andre Swift was the leading scorer for the Jerky in this one, scoring 23.1 points. Leonard Fournette added 19.4, Davante Adams finished with 18.55, and James Conner pitched in 17.4. Tight ends Mark Andrews (22.8) and George Kittle (19.75) were the top scorers for the Crabs in the loss. Justin Herbert added 16.1 and Michael Pittman finished with 15.35. Next Week: Turkey faces a tough test against Nagasaki. Christmas Island has a rough battle with Bangkok.