Tuesday Evening Kicker: 2021 Week 8 Recap

A pair of potential Super Bowl matchups with different results, a pair of blowouts over rebuilding teams, and a pair of big Southeast victories over Northwest conference foes highlight Week 8’s action.

WR Chris Godwin tallied 33.5 points in Ukraine's big victory.
WR Chris Godwin tallied 33.5 points in Ukraine’s big victory.

Grainers grind out victory over Kamikazes

Ukraine Grainers 167.63, Nagasaki Kamikazes 161.88 — In a close battle between potential title combatants, the Grainers locked down defensively in the fourth quarter to hold on for a tight victory. The normally-explosive Travis Kelce was held to just 5.45 points in the fourth. Chris Godwin led the charge for the Grainers with 33.5 points. Newly-acquired Joe Mixon (27.9) and Deebo Samuel (27.85) were instrumental as well. The San Francisco 49ers finished with 20.4. The typically strong playmaking duo of Kyler Murray (13.93) and Derrick Henry (12.4) suffered injuries and were held in check. A.J. Brown (36.25), Cole Beasley (27.25) and Diontae Johnson (21.05) were strong contributors. Next Week: Ukraine will take on Turkey. Nagasaki faces Ecuador.

QB Josh Allen had another solid performance with 36.65 points in San Juan's victory.
QB Josh Allen had another solid performance with 36.65 points in San Juan’s victory.

Scorpions take down short-handed Blitz

San Juan Scorpions 174.6, Bangkok Blitz 135.05 — In another potential Super Bowl matchup, the Scorpions battered around a banged up Blitz team without a quarterback. Josh Allen scored 36.65 points in the victory. DK Metcalf (25.3), Alvin Kamara (20.4), and Darrel Williams (19.6) were among the top scorers. Tyreek Hill scored 36.4 points for the Blitz in the loss. Running backs Austin Ekeler (26.6) and Jonathan Taylor (24.4) helped shoulder the load. Six other players, not including the injured Dak Prescott, scored less than 13.5 points. Next Week: San Juan heads to Wake Island. Bangkok faces another tough test against Switzerland.

QB Matthew Stafford scored 27.42 points in Wake Island's win.
QB Matthew Stafford scored 27.42 points in Wake Island’s win.

Wookiees wattle the Wenegades, wack up win

Wake Island Wookiees 142.47, Russia Renegades 131.28 — With two teams in the Southeast Conference rebuilding, the previously 1-6 Wookiees are a de facto wild card team. But that didn’t stop them from going out and earning a big victory. Matthew Stafford (27.42) and T.J. Hockenson (24.15) were the big scorers in this one. The Denver Broncos added 19.35 points and Damien Harris finished with 18.6. For the Renegades, Calvin Ridley bailed on the team before kickoff. Justin Jefferson tallied just 5.6 points while Allen Robinson managed just 6.6, defining the game and season for the Renegades up to this point. Najee Harris led the team with 26.2 points. Next Week: Wake Island will face a tough San Juan team. Russia starts the next chapter against Egypt.

WR Amari Cooper racked up 33.45 points in Turkey's win.
WR Amari Cooper racked up 33.45 points in Turkey’s win.

Quirky Jerky lurk in murky obscurity; go berserk, outwork and shirk the Jerks

Turkey Jerky 157.53, Jamaica Jerks 136.88 — Turkey got 33.45 points from Amari Cooper in a big win over Jamaica. The Philadelphia Eagles (26.15), Darrell Henderson (25.1), and Tyler Boyd (23.68) were strong performers as well. For the Jerks, Keenan Allen put up 24.45 points in the loss. Joe Burrow added 23.98 points and Randall Cobb pitched in with 19.25. Next Week: Turkey will try to keep it going against Ukraine. Jamaica tries to rebound against Christmas Island.

QB Ryan Tannehill put up 25.58 points in Ecuador's win.
QB Ryan Tannehill put up 25.58 points in Ecuador’s win.

Ewoks roll over the Pharaohs

Ecuador Ewoks 139.88, Egypt Pharaohs 96.32 — Ecuador got 25.58 points from Ryan Tannehill and 23.3 from Brandin Cooks as the Ewoks cruised to a big victory over Egypt. Running back Devontae Booker tallied 20.5 points and kicker Jake Elliott finished with 16. For the rebuilding Pharaohs, Patrick Mahomes scored 20.02 points, Jamison Crowder added 18.65 and Jakobi Meyers tallied 13.45. Next Week: The new-look Ewoks will take on Nagasaki. Egypt faces Russia.

QB Tom Brady put up 28.9 points in Switzerland's victory.
QB Tom Brady put up 28.9 points in Switzerland’s victory.

Squirrels crunch the Crabs

Switzerland Squirrels 169.8, Christmas Island Crabs 81.87 — The Squirrels rebounded nicely from their first loss of the season with a rout of the rebuilding Crabs, more than doubling their point total. The usual suspects were strong performers for the Squirrels. Tom Brady (28.9), Cooper Kupp (28.75), Aaron Jones (27), Adam Thielen (23.55), and Cordarrelle Patterson (22.75) scored big in the victory. The short-handed Crabs had 12 players either out with an injury, COVID, or on IR. Michael Pittman led the way with 36.35 points — 44% of his team’s production. Ben Roethlisberger added 18.57 points and Zach Pascal tallied 11.8. Next Week: Switzerland faces a tough Bangkok team. Christmas Island squares off against Jamaica.