Tuesday Evening Kicker: 2021 Week 7 Recap

And then there were none. The Switzerland Squirrels dropped their first game of the season. The Bangkok Blitz suffered an upset at the hands of the Ewoks. The Scorpions, Grainers, and Renegades picked up lopsided victories. And the Jerks and Pharaohs sent TV viewers out for an afternoon at the pumpkin patch.

WR Ja'Marr Chase broke out for 40.1 points in the upset victory.
WR Ja’Marr Chase broke out for 40.1 points in the upset victory.

Aw, nuts! Squirrels drop first game of 2021 season

Nagasaki Kamikazes 217.77, Switzerland Squirrels 159.93 — The Kamikazes elected to hand Switzerland its first loss rather than diddle with draft position, walloping the previously unbeaten Squirrels by a wide margin. Rookie receiver Ja’Marr Chase scored 40.1 points to lead the way. A.J. Brown (32.05), Kyle Pitts (28.3), Kyler Murray (25.9), and Derrick Henry (22.42) were also high scorers for the Kamikazes. Cooper Kupp continued his quest for some kind of Hall of Fame with 44.85 points. Tom Brady added 28.03 points and Cordarrelle Patterson tallied 18.15. Next Week: Nagasaki will try to keep it rolling against Ukraine. Switzerland will look to respond against Christmas Island.

QB Ryan Tannehill scored 23.25 points in Ecuador's upset win.
QB Ryan Tannehill scored 23.25 points in Ecuador’s upset win.

Blitz pick-up: Ewoks drop the red hot Blitz

Ecuador Ewoks 129.25, Bangkok Blitz 124.33 — The banged-up and bye-week-riddled Blitz were taken down by the surging Ewoks of late. Ryan Tannehill (23.25) and DeAndre Hopkins (22.55) were the leaders for the Ewoks. Devontae Booker pitched in 17.4 and DeVonta Smith added 15.35. For the Blitz, Aaron Rodgers scored 29.98 points in the loss. Jonathan Taylor added 20.6, D.J. Moore finished with 18.3 and Tyreek Hill had just 16.65. Next Week: Ecuador will try to keep things rolling against Egypt. Bangkok faces another tough battle against San Juan.

RB Alvin Kamara blew up for 37.9 points in San Juan's win.
RB Alvin Kamara blew up for 37.9 points in San Juan’s win.

Scorpions cook the Jerky

San Juan Scorpions 198.08, Turkey Jerky 151.43 — In a game that featured Taylor Heinicke vs. Teddy Bridgewater — go figure — the Scorpions continued to roll with a strong victory over Turkey. Heinicke scored 25.68 points filling in for Josh Allen. Alvin Kamara led the charge with 37.9 points while Terry McLaurin added 30.7 and the Buccaneers defense scored 23.05. D’Andre Swift led the Jerky in the loss with 31 points. Davante Adams tallied 23.35 points and Leonard Fournette finished with 20. Next Week: San Juan faces a tough challenge in Bangkok. Turkey will try to get things going against Jamaica.

WR Chris Godwin led Ukraine to victory with 30.85 points.
WR Chris Godwin led Ukraine to victory with 30.85 points.

Grainers whack the Wookiees

Ukraine Grainers 168.67, Wake Island Wookiees 131.03 — The Grainers gained some ground on the Squirrels in the North following a strong victory over the Wookiees. Chris Godwin was the big scorer in this one with 30.85 points. He was joined by Jalen Hurts (28.07), Marquise Brown (23.5) and Jaylen Waddle (20.3). For the Wookiees, Matthew Stafford scored 32.33 points in the loss. Damien Harris notched 28.1 points while Myles Gaskin finished with 20.7. Next Week: Ukraine faces a stiff challenge in Nagasaki. Wake Island will try to get something started against Russia.

QB Lamar Jackson tallied 27.52 points in Russia's win.
QB Lamar Jackson tallied 27.52 points in Russia’s win.

Renegades skate by the Crabs

Russia Renegades 147.72, Christmas Island Crabs 113.95 — The Renegades survived a bye week deficiency with the good fortune of playing against the rebuilding Crabs. Lamar Jackson (27.52) and Mike Gesicki (26) were the leaders in this one. Tee Higgins (18.45), Josh Jacobs (17), and Calvin Ridley (16.1) were instrumental as well. Michael Pittman scored 23.5 points against his former team to lead the Crabs in the loss. Allen Lazard tacked on 20.5 points. Next Week: Russia looks to keep things going against Wake Island. Christmas Island faces previously unbeaten Switzerland.

WR Mike Evans lit up the scoreboard for 36.6 points in Jamaica's win.
WR Mike Evans lit up the scoreboard for 36.6 points in Jamaica’s win.

Jerks crawl past the lifeless Pharaohs

Jamaica Jerks 129.15, Egypt Pharaohs 99.37 — Two weeks ago, we thought the 241 points scored by the Grainers and Pharaohs were rather uninspiring. Now, Egypt was part of another snoozer, losing by 30 to the Jerks in a game that saw just 228 total points. Mike Evans scored 28% of his team’s offense with 36.6 points. Matt Ryan added 21.05 points, Corey Davis finished with 17.7, and Hunter Renfrow tallied 16.3. For the Pharaohs, Deebo Samuel scored 24.75 points to lead the way. Joe Mixon added just 14.3 points while Patrick Mahomes scored just 11.57 points before suffering an injury. Next Week: Jamaica looks to keep the momentum going when they face Turkey. Egypt will look for signs of life against Ecuador.