Tuesday Evening Kicker: 2021 Week 4 Recap

In Week 4’s action, two division matchups resulted in blowouts, the unbeaten Squirrels had their toughest matchup to date, the Crabs blew a hole in some kind of Kamikaze plan, the Renegades scored a North Division win and the Ewoks won the Star Wars battle.

WR Tyreek Hill tallied 55.1 points in Bangkok's huge victory.
WR Tyreek Hill tallied 55.1 points in Bangkok’s huge victory.

Blitz obliterate defending South champion Pharaohs

Bangkok Blitz 242.87, Egypt Pharaohs 169.67 — The Blitz looked to stake their claim to the South Division with a commanding victory over defending champion Egypt. Receiver Tyreek Hill broke open the floodgates with a 55.1-point effort. Receiver D.J. Moore added a whopping 37.6 points, Austin Ekeler tacked on 32.5 and Dak Prescott finished with 30.07. And in what seemed like modest performances for the Blitz but would be top scorers elsewhere, Jonathan Taylor (23.6), Antonio Gibson (18.3) and Darren Waller (18.75) all contributed to the blowout. The Pharaohs got 36.87 points from Patrick Mahomes in the loss. Deebo Samuel went on a tear for 41.4 points. Jamison Crowder tacked on 23.35 and Jakobi Meyers added 21.5. Poor Sony Michel, meanwhile, walked away with -1.3 points. Next Week: Bangkok will try to keep rolling when they face their other South rival, Turkey. Egypt will look for answers when they face Ukraine.

WR Cordarrelle Patterson posted 39.3 points in Switzerland's fourth straight victory.
WR Cordarrelle Patterson posted 39.3 points in Switzerland’s fourth straight victory.

Squirrels scamper past the Jerky

Switzerland Squirrels 144.27, Turkey Jerky 128.82 — It wasn’t quite the dominating performance we’ve come to expect this season, but the Squirrels maintained their unbeaten record with a close victory over Turkey. Unexpected star Cordarrelle Patterson tallied 39.3 points to lead the team. Kareem Hunt tacked on 19.4 points. The normally explosive quartet of Cooper Kupp (15.65), Tom Brady (15.57), Aaron Jones (12.9) and Adam Thielen (10.6) all had down weeks. For the Jerky, Tyler Boyd had a big outing with 26.55 points. Leonard Fournette finished with 20.8 points, Amari Cooper added 18.15 and Davante Adams finished with just 17.15. Next Week: Switzerland will try to stay undefeated when they face North rival Russia. Turkey faces a tough battle against South foe Bangkok.

QB Sam Darnold blew up again with 37.23 points in Christmas Island's second-straight win.
QB Sam Darnold blew up again with 37.23 points in Christmas Island’s second-straight win.

Kamikazes land gently, Crabs score another unexpected victory

Christmas Island Crabs 127.73, Nagasaki Kamikazes 122.98 — The Nagasaki Kamikazes benched many of their best players against East rival Christmas Island and the Crabs took advantage with a 5-point victory. To paraphrase Harry Doyle from Major League 2: “Obviously Nagasaki is thinking … I don’t know what the heck they’re thinking.” Were they getting cute and trying to beat the Crabs with their backups? Because the Crabs’ victory neither gets them closer to making the playoffs nor further from the first overall pick. However, with Wake Island really struggling, the gap for that first pick is narrowing. In this one, Sam Darnold blew up the scoreboard again with 37.23 points. Emmanuel Sanders tacked on 16.8 points while Mark Andrews finished with 16.2. For the Kamikazes’ B-Squad, Derrick Henry led the way with 32.3 points. Trey Lance scored 22.98 points while the Steelers defense finished with 15.4. Next Week: Christmas Island will look to pick up their third-straight victory (while trying to keep an incredibly low point total) when they face the defending champion Scorpions. Nagasaki will face another division rival in Wake Island.

RB David Montgomery scored 27.2 points in Russia's big divisional win.
RB David Montgomery scored 27.2 points in Russia’s big divisional win.

Renegades slip past the Grainers in big North Division battle

Russia Renegades 177.7, Ukraine Grainers 167.9 — In North Division action, the Renegades outlasted the walking wounded Grainers behind a strong ground game. David Montgomery (27.2), Najee Harris (24.1) and quarterback Justin Herbert (26.65) led the way for Russia. Justin Jefferson (24.65), Calvin Ridley (20.75) and Mike Gesicki (19.7) all had good performances as well. For the Grainers, Jalen Hurts racked up 35.2 points and Saquon Barkley added 32.2 in the loss. Marquise Brown (21.35), Noah Fant (20.6) and Chase Edmonds (20.3) all had strong games as well. Next Week: Russia faces another tough divisional matchup against the unbeaten Squirrels. Ukraine will try to rebound against Egypt.

WR DeVonta Smith tallied 24.95 points in Ecuador's victory.
WR DeVonta Smith tallied 24.95 points in Ecuador’s victory.

Ewoks chop down the Wookiees, pick up second victory of the season

Ecuador Ewoks 164.08, Wake Island Wookiees 129.33 — In the Star Wars battle, David slayed Goliath as the Ewoks knocked the Wookiees in convincing fashion. Rookie receiver DeVonta Smith tallied 24.95 points to lead the way. Ryan Tannehill notched 24.93 points and Ezekiel Elliott finished with 24.3. Tight end Dawson Knox added 23.7. For the Wookiees, Matthew Stafford continued his hot season with 25.13 points. James Robinson added 24.2 points and Darnell Mooney tacked on 21.95. Next Week: Ecuador will try to take down Jamaica in West Division action. Wake Island faces a tough test against East rival Nagasaki.

WR Terry McLaurin racked up 36.05 points in San Juan's victory.
WR Terry McLaurin racked up 36.05 points in San Juan’s victory.

Scorpions slam the Jerks, maintain possession of first place in the West

San Juan Scorpions 191.72, Jamaica Jerks 143.55 — San Juan continued to roll this season and maintained sole possession of first place in the West with a resounding victory over Jamaica. Terry McLaurin racked up 36.05 points to lead the way. Josh Allen (24.57), Stefon Diggs (22.9), D.K. Metcalf (20), Dallas Goedert (19.85) and the Buffalo Bills (19.3) all had strong performances. For the Jerks, Joe Burrow (26.85) and Corey Davis (24.85) were the leading scorers in the loss. Hunter Renfrow tallied 19.5 points and Mike Evans finished with 18.5. Next Week: San Juan will try to stay hot when they face the tanking (yet still .500) Christmas Island Crabs. Jamaica looks to rebound against Ecuador.